Welcome to Germanys first Stamps Online-Shop!

I am running my Stamps Online-Shop since 1995.
Besides the standard products you can find many precious rarities of all German collection areas, mainly being FRG, Berlin, GDR, SOZ (Soviet occupation zone) and German Reich with all areas.
In addition to that we also have a various range of Stamp- and Coin accessories of all leading producers: Lighthouse, Lindner, SAFE, KABE, Schaubek, KOBRA, Numis, as well as catalogues and specialized literature.

Our product range is being extended every day, so it is worth to check up every few days, so you do not miss out on anything! If you can not find something today, you might find it tomorrow.

As a professional salesman, I am a member of the APHV (Postage Stamps Salesman Association) and 1. Chairman of the Postage-Stamps Salesman Union Hesse r.A.

Have fun shopping!
Thomas Gompf